July 18, 2019

Past Issues

August/October 2009

Inside this issue: Using Hash Codes for File Identification - Challenges and Solutions From the Editor Taking the Pain Out of Foreign Language … [Read more...]

May/July 2009

Inside this issue: Creative Training Strategies – Improving ROI From the Editor Hiring and Retaining Top Talent in a Down Market – Best … [Read more...]

February/April 2009 (7.3 MB)

Inside this issue: ABA Outsourcing Opinion - What it means to you as a Litigation Support Professional From the Editor Slashing E-Discovery … [Read more...]

November/January 2009 (6.7 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents Project Management for Lit Support – (Part II) From the Editor Litigation Readiness - Developing a Proactive … [Read more...]

August/October 2008 (4.3 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents Attorney Support From the Editor East Coast Salary Survey The New Math User Created Data in a … [Read more...]

May/July 2008 (4.5 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents EDD Vendors Speak Out From the Editor Talk to the Tech The Legal Technology Acquisition Game - What it Means … [Read more...]

February/April 2008 (6.1MB)

Inside this issue: Contents Litigation Life Cycle - The Role of Litigation Support From the Editor Fast Track your Career into Litigation … [Read more...]

August/November 2007 (4.5 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents Tips For Selling Your Firm’s EDD Capabilities Login or register to continue reading. … [Read more...]

May/July 2007 (7.1 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents The “BUM” Rule—How to Create Effective Demonstrative Evidence From the Editor A Futuristic View of the … [Read more...]

February/April 2007 (7.1 MB)

Inside this issue: Contents From the Editor More challenges face Litigation Support Managers in the new FRCP world The Litigation Support … [Read more...]

November/January 2007 (8.2MB)

Inside this issue: Contents Roadmap to Success For Your Litigation Support Department From the Editor Home-Away-from-Home — Organizing the … [Read more...]

August/November 2006 – Premier Issue

Inside this issue: Contents Meet the Editorial Board. From the Editor / Publisher’s Memo. Bridging the Gap to Litigation Support. Extreme … [Read more...]