July 18, 2019

Past Issues

May/July 2013

May/July 2013 - In this issue Surviving the M.O.A.B. - The Brief without End From the Editor Top 10 Considerations for Legal Hold … [Read more...]

February/April 2013

February/April 2013 - In this issue Cloud or Appliance - Which Costs less for eDiscovery From the Editor 3rd International Litigation support … [Read more...]

November 2012/January 2013

November 2012/January 2013 - In this issue Social Media, FaceBook and eDiscovery - Are you prepared to produce content From the … [Read more...]

August/October 2012

August/October 2012  - In this issue Following the Golden Rules of eDiscovery - What Litsupport Professionals Need to Know From the Editor The … [Read more...]

May/July 2012

Inside this issue: Benchslapped - Processing Burdens Continue to Grow From the Editor From Point Products to Platforms Skills & … [Read more...]

February/April 2012

Inside this issue: eDiscovery Trends in 2012 From the Editor Forensic Data Collection - Modern Tools & Techniques Clawbacks - A … [Read more...]

November/January 2012

Inside this issue: Meet & Confer Basics for Litigation Support Staff From the Editor ILTA Technology Survey Results 34th ILTA Conference … [Read more...]

August/October 2011

Inside this issue: Extreme Litigation Support - The Challenge: 50 Million Pages in Six Months From the Editor The Evolution of Litigation … [Read more...]

May/July 2011

In this issue Extreme Litigation Support - A look at the Zacarias Mousssaoui trial and the Specialists who made it happen From the … [Read more...]

February/April 2011

Inside this issue: Document Tsunami - A Guide to Managing Large Document Imaging Projects From the Editor Producing ESI - Taking the Pain Out … [Read more...]

November/January 2011

Inside this issue: Backup Tapes - Hidden Trove for eDiscovery? From the Editor The Cowen Group’s Fifth Annual Litigation Support Salary … [Read more...]

August/October 2010

Inside this issue: Lone Stars - Revisited Enron trial support and the SPECIALISTS who made it happen From the Editor Five New Truths about the … [Read more...]

May/July 2010

Inside this issue: Just Preserve It. A Quick Guide to Legal Holds From the Editor Electronic Discovery Project Management–Defining the … [Read more...]

February/April 2010

Inside this issue: A Historical Perspective of the Litsupport Listserv From the Editor IRecovery of Costs - Electronic Discovery through … [Read more...]

November/January 2010

Inside this issue: Top Five Trends for Litigation Support Outsourcing in 2010 From the Editor It’s Discovery Time - Do You Know Where Your … [Read more...]