June 18, 2019

Social Media, Facebook and eDiscovery: Are you Prepared if Asked to Produce Content?

It is estimated that by the end of 2012, Facebook will have one billion active users. Twitter and LinkedIn, the second and third ...read … [Read more...]

November 2012/January 2013

November/January 2013 - The Bottome Line - Picking an eDiscovery Provider on More than Price Tweet Login or register to continue reading. … [Read more...]

Bridging the Gap – Litigation Support & IT Working Together

The explosive growth of electronic data is no surprise to anyone at this time. In the corporate hallways, the cost and complexity of big data poses … [Read more...]

The Bottom Line – Picking an eDiscovery Provider on More than Price

With the continuing challenges brought on by the economy and ever-increasing volumes of data, one of the biggest challenges an organization in need of … [Read more...]

Streamlining your eDiscovery Lab

August/October 2012 - Today's requirement for ESI (electronically stored information) collection and preservation has exploded.  Projects can easily … [Read more...]

Using In-House Personnel vs. Out-sourcing for Trial Support

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The Issue With Exceptions

August/October 2012 - When working with litigation matters, counsel is constantly faced with strategic decisions regarding how best to proceed; … [Read more...]

Following the Golden Rules of eDiscovery

August/October 2012 - Nothing surprises us anymore in the world of eDiscovery.  Organizations routinely complainabout the … [Read more...]

The e-Discovery Technology Evolution

The evolution of e-discovery has been truly staggering since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended in 2006 to provide consistent ground … [Read more...]

Litigation Support Salaries Grow

Litigation Support salaries saw substantial growth in 2011 the despite a difficult economic  climate. The highest salary reported was $260,000. On … [Read more...]

Skills and Experiences are Irrelevant When Hiring

Just to clarify, the word is “irrelevant.” It doesn’t read “not important.” There is a       difference between something being relevant and being … [Read more...]