July 18, 2019

Industry News

Bloomberg Law Webinar July 11 – Improving Litigation Workflows with Technology

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, law firms and corporate legal departments are under tremendous pressure to deliver critical information … [Read more...]

Epiq Acquires Canadian eDiscovery Firm H&A eDiscovery

Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry has acquired H&A eDiscovery, a leading Canadian eDiscovery and litigation support firm that … [Read more...]

Electronic Discovery – Keyword Searches

By Amy Bowser-Rollins. Read this helpful article and several others by Amy Bowser-Rollins that are posted on her LitigationSupportGuru … [Read more...]

Consilio and Advanced Discovery Join Forces to Form Global eDiscovery and Risk Management Market Leader

Consilio, a global leader in eDiscovery, document review, and legal consulting services, and Advanced Discovery, a global eDiscovery and risk … [Read more...]

Council on Legal Education Opportunity Announces Host Committee for its Education Reception at the CLEO 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Houston

The Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) has announced the Houston Host Committee for its Education Reception to be held April 26, 2018, at … [Read more...]

KrolLDiscovery rebrands itself to become KLDiscovery

McLean, Va. – January 2, 2018 – KrolLDiscovery today announced that it will become KLDiscovery, further distinguishing itself in the ediscovery and … [Read more...]

Advanced Discovery Files 4th Patent; Expanding AI Innovation for eDiscovery

Advanced Discovery, a global eDiscovery and risk management provider, has filed a patent covering facial recognition technology in eDiscovery … [Read more...]

Sandline Discovery Becomes a Relativity Authorized Partner

Sandline Discovery, a boutique litigation support and eDiscovery service provider serving both law firms and corporations in the United States and … [Read more...]

EDRM Launches New Website

EDRM, the leading standards organization for the e-discovery market, has launched a newly designed website at EDRM.net. The redesign was initiated to … [Read more...]

UC San Diego Extension Launches Online eDiscovery and Litigation Technology Certificate

The University of California, San Diego Extension, is introducing a new "eDiscovery and Litigation Technology Certificate" in response to the … [Read more...]

FRONTEO Acquires Essential Discovery, Inc.

FRONTEO USA, Inc., a wholly-owned direct subsidiary of FRONTEO, Inc. (formerly known as UBIC, Inc.) (NASDAQ:FTEO) (TSE:2158)), a leading provider of … [Read more...]

Opus 2 International Partners with Singapore’s Maxwell Chambers

Opus 2 International, a worldwide litigation services and software development company has partnered with Singapore’s Maxwell Chambers, a worldwide … [Read more...]

How Law Firms Are Using Cloud & Analytics to Meet Client Demands

A White Paper from Recommind. Ari Kaplan Advisors interviewed a group of elite AmLaw partners to learn how they’ve innovated their practices to better … [Read more...]

Duke Law Acquires EDRM to Expand Educational Efforts in Legal Technology and Facilitate Improvements in Administration of Justice

The Duke University School of Law has acquired EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model), the leading standards organization for the e-discovery … [Read more...]

Zapproved Offers 4th Annual Legal Hold & Data Preservation Survey Results

The Benchmark Survey is the industry's most extensive survey series focused on legal data preservation and collections practices. Get the results … [Read more...]