July 18, 2019

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Litigation Support Professionals: A Lucrative and Widely Expanding Part of the Legal Marketplace
Litigation Support Today is the only magazine specifically designed to deliver your advertising message direct to the important, growing market of litigation support directors, managers and other legal professionals at top law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and in private industry. These are the key individuals responsible for the data management flow of case documents , E-discovery and other vital information that is the backbone of trial and litigation procedures.

Litigation Support Today readers are at the top of their profession, leading the field in finding and applying new technologies that make document, data and trial management more efficient, precise and effective in dealing with huge or extensive caseloads. They have a key role in evaluating, recommending and deciding what new products, services and systems should be purchased and utilized in federal, state and local judiciary organizations, corporate legal departments, and private attorney firms. They are the readers of Litigation Support Today.

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Litigation Support Today was introduced to the legal marketplace in 2007 as a new publication with editorial content dedicated 100% to the special information needs of  today’s Litigation Support Professional. It remains the only medium focused exclusively on this segment of the legal profession. Originally published as a print magazine, it was transitioned to a fully digital medium in 2012 to keep pace with today’s dynamic trend in electronic publishing. Litigation Support Today continues to help subscribers stay on top of  the fast-moving changes taking place in this booming segment of the legal space.


The Litigation Support Today database currently consists of some 10,000 litigation support professionals employed at top-level law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and other segments of the legal industry. Readers are located across the nation and internationally.

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